Councils work to advance and promote the mission and purposes of the National Dance Society. Please join us!

Executive Director: Fran Meyer

Chair: Becky Clark
Co-Chair: Ronelle Eddings

The Advocacy Council reviews and interprets relevant legislation that influences dance promotion and implementation at the local, state, and national levels. We also explore program ideas from members that will enhance the mission of NDS.

Chair: Gladys Keeton
Co-Chair: Stephanie Laranjiera

The Dance Education Council promotes and supports the development of dance programs of excellence at all educational levels.

Chairs: Tarin Hampton
Co-Chair: Nancy Kane

The NDS Leadership Development Council provides leadership growth opportunities for its members, as well as partner organization members and other qualified individuals.

Chair: Dieca Jones
Co-Chair: Shawn Zachery

The Performing Arts Council promotes the growth and quality of dance performance in a variety of venues, settings and locations.

Chair: Christine Bergeron
Co-Chair: Elizabeth Jones-Boswell

The Professional Development Council plans and oversees the organization’s continuous process for providing new or updated knowledge and skills to those who teach dance in a variety of settings and through a variety of methods.

Chair: Carisa Armstrong
Co-Chair: Nick Enge

NDS Journal Editor-In-Chief: Vanessa Jackson
Assistant Editors: Cynthia Herndon and Alexandra Pooley
NDS Newsletter Editors: John Fracchia and Nancy Kane. 

The Publications Council coordinates production of the NDS Journal, On the Move newsletter, and other publications deemed appropriate by the NDS Board of Directors.

Chair: Lisa Lewis
Co-Chair: Dawn Davis Loring

Research Unit: Conducts, guides, and critically reviews qualitative and quantitative research efforts in the fields of dance and dance education and develops justifiable approaches to share the data.

Evaluation Unit: Provides a repository for decision-making and planning that meets the goals and objectives of NDS, which demonstrates the impact of NDS events and activities.

Chair: Keisha Breaker
Co-Chair: Henry Castelvecchi

The Social Media Council positively promotes the NDS mission, shares information about NDS activities and engages the greater dance community.

Chair: Pam Washburn
Co-Chair: Danielle Laurion

The Student Council promotes student engagement in professional development by sponsoring student sessions and programs, and through Delta Eta Pi (DEPi) Dance Honor Society chapters.

Chair: Valerie Winborne
Co-Chair: Barb Maclam

The Wellness Council promotes members’ knowledge of the dimensions of wellness and its relationship to dance.

Committees & Task Forces

Chair: Tarin Hampton

Chair: Danielle Laurion

Chair: Tarin Hampton

Chair: Fran Anthony Meyer

Co-Chairs: Judith Clark & Freddie Thompson-Esters

Chair: Jeri Lloyd

Chair: Barbara Maclam

Chair: Barbara Maclam

Chair: Mary Ann Laverty

Chair: Gayle Kassing

Webmaster: Cheryl Stafford