Ms. Inez Howard received the Dance Legacy Award!

Inez Howard is a native of Camden, South Carolina. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education from North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina and the Master’s Degree in Dance Education from Columbia University.
She completed further study in Dance at the University of Tennessee and American University. After forty years of service, she retired as an Associate Professor in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science at Norfolk State University (NSU). Along with her teaching responsibilities at the university, she celebrated forty years as Director of the Norfolk State University Dance Theatre. From its inception, she served as the Director of the “Spartan Legion Marching Band Dance Live –Hot Ice” performance team. In her efforts to further the education of dance for young people in area schools and the immediate community around NSU, she initiated the Norfolk State University High School Dance Festival, The Urban Dance Academy, Liturgical Dance Workshops and nationally, the Black College Dance Exchange. Mrs. Howard is widely known for her work with the Presentation of Debutantes sponsored by local professional groups, where young ladies are presented to society.
Among her many honors and awards are: Professor Emeritus, NSU; Outstanding Contributions to Theatre, Virginia’s College/University Dance Teacher of the Year; Keeper of the Flames, Woman of Excellence in the Arts; “Mouse-car” award which is a Walt Disney Award for Excellence in Dance; Attucks Theater Honors, Hampton Roads African American Sports Hall of Fame, NAACP Excellence in Education, Time Keeper of the Flame- A Legacy in Dance Award, and a YMCA Service to Youth Award.