Texas Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance 2022 [...]

Texas AHPERD2022-09-16T12:08:36-04:00

Barbara McAlister

Barbara McAlister 2022 NDS Graduate Dance Excellence Award Barbara McAlister [...]

Barbara McAlister2022-09-16T12:05:28-04:00

Chely Young

Chely Young 2022 NDS Young Professional Award Chely Young is [...]

Chely Young2022-09-16T12:04:11-04:00

Elizabeth Jones-Boswell

Elizabeth Jones-Boswell 2022 NDS Dance Promotion Award Recipient  Elizabeth Jones-Bowell [...]

Elizabeth Jones-Boswell2022-09-16T12:03:01-04:00

Dr. Terry Sweeting

Dr. Terry Sweeting 2022 NDS Dance Scholar Award Recipient  Dr. [...]

Dr. Terry Sweeting2022-09-16T12:01:34-04:00

Dr. Cynthia Herndon

Dr. Cynthia (Cindy) Herndon 2022 NDS Dance Honor Award Recipient  [...]

Dr. Cynthia Herndon2022-09-16T11:58:44-04:00

Dr. Fran Anthony Meyer

Dr. Fran Anthony Meyer 2022 National Dance Society Legacy Award [...]

Dr. Fran Anthony Meyer2022-09-16T11:56:14-04:00

Dr. Gayle Kassing

Dr. Gayle Kassing 2022 National Dance Society Legacy Award Dr. [...]

Dr. Gayle Kassing2022-09-16T11:54:29-04:00
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