Dr. Terry Sweeting

2022 NDS Dance Scholar Award Recipient 

Dr. Terry Sweeting is a complete advocate for dance education and has advanced dance education for children through her three books, five journal articles and twenty-four national, regional presentations including nine funded grants. She has taught dance-related subjects in educational institutions at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), in Canada and Singapore. Dr. Sweeting was recognized by CSUN for her quality work on research and sponsored projects with the CSUN SHINE President’s Award, twice. Her research grants promoted children’s dance and physical education with Title 1 schools in the Los Angeles School District. Dr. Sweeting is currently working with a team of educators and technicians in London, England, to develop video programs for children and families, connecting disenfranchised communities through the healing energy of creative dance. Her integrity as a teacher and her passion for dance are always evident.