Mr. John Fracchia received the Dance Honor Award!

John Fracchia (Fray-Shuh) is an educator, author, film artist, and advocate who works at Ithaca College in Career Development, where his recent efforts have been focused on advising Arts and Health Sciences students. He is a past member of the College’s Board of Trustees, current Treasurer of Staff Council, and a frequent Lecturer in the Honors Program. A strong advocate for dance as both an art form and wellness activity, Fracchia was a member of the National Dance Association, serving as an Alliance Assembly Representative, co-editor for two proceedings, curator of an online dance history museum, and organizer of a dance film festival.  A founding member of the National Dance Society he worked on the organization’s bylaws, trademark application, and designed the organization’s first website; served as a Member-At-Large on the board; and led the organization as its fourth President. Highlights of his term include the development and publication of the Dance Education Standards; indexing of the NDS Journal with EBSCO and CENGAGE; and NDS membership in the United Dance Merchant’s Association (UDMA). He currently serves as Editor of the On The Move Newsletter and previously served as a Journal Assistant. Passionate about service, he serves on several regional and community boards, and as a Councilmember in the Town of Caroline.


A two-time graduate of Binghamton University, Fracchia earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harpur College of Arts and Sciences with majors in Psychology and Cinema.