The National Dance Society Standards in Action Program

Lesson Plans Collection

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An overview of the Standards in Action Lesson Plans Collection provides a guide for reviewing and selecting specific lesson plans for a specific strand and standard in the National Dance Society Dance Education Standards Framework or a grade grouping. Each lesson plan is listed under its primary strand and standard.

A lesson plan may meet more than one strand and standards. Lesson plans may identify with one or more grade groupings. Or, lesson plans may be adapted to other grade groupings as determined by the teacher’s assessment of the students’ learning. Some lesson plans include instruction that extends into becoming learning experiences over several class periods. Many lesson plan listings include an additional handout for students or a teacher resource.

Strand 1: Movement foundations of dance genres and forms

Standard 1.1 Elements of dance for a dance genre or form

Standard 1.2 Techniques and principles for a dance genre or form

  • Foot and Arm Positions for Two Dance Forms with Application of Movement Principles (Fifth and later grades) {Handout: Student Check list, Teacher Resources: Movement Principles}
Strand 2: Dance safety, health, and wellness

Standard 2.3 Dance wellness values

Strand 3: Creative and artistic communication in dance

Standard 3.1 Creativity and critical Thinking

Standard 3.2 Artistic development of expression in dance

Strand 4: Choreography, performance, and production

Standard 4.1 Choreographic design, principles, and structures

Standard 4.3 Dance performance and production

Strand 5: Historical, Cultural, and Social Dance

Standard 5.1 Historical Dance knowledge and performance

Standard 5.2 Cultural dance knowledge and performance

Standard 5.3 Social dance knowledge and performance

Strand 6: Dance, arts, and media literacy for integrated learning

Standard 6.1 Dance Literacy for interrelated arts learning

Standard 6.2 Dance, arts, and media literacy in interdisciplinary learning