Dr. Danielle Jay Kirschenbaum received the Dance Scholar Award!

Dr. Danielle Jay Kirschenbaum is a dancer, dance educator, and dance author who loves every day of her life! She began dancing at three and one half years old and continued her journey until she retired in July of 2012. She describes teaching as another passion saying, “I always wanted to share the joy of dance with everyone. Being shy, dance enabled me to be more confident, open, and joyful. Ballet was my first love. Though small, I trained and worked hard and always enjoyed the challenge and difficulty.” Dr. Kirschenbaum has 3 dance related degrees, a B.S. from Eastern Michigan University with majors in Dance,
P.E. and a minor in psychology; a M.M.A. from the University of Cincinnati with a major in Ballet and; a Ph.D from Texas Women’s University with a major in Dance and the Related Arts. Dr. Kirschenbaum is an avid reader and enjoys studying the various aspects of dance. She especially enjoys finding new ways to think about dance and applying them to her teaching as well as developing various paradigms. Says, Dr. Kirschenbaum, “I shall always be exploring, researching, and finding fresh adventure in the glorious world of Dance.”